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Sports and Specialty Eyewear Fitting

Raleigh Sports & Specialty Eyewear

Our Raleigh Eye Doctor Provides Fittings and a Complete Selection

To perform well on land or water, you need sharp vision. Whether you’re casting a fishing line, hunting in forestland or scuba diving through coral reefs, your success depends heavily upon a healthy visual system. You need crystal-clear eyesight, good peripheral awareness, accurate depth perception and precise eye-hand coordination. In addition, safety eyewear is essential for protecting your delicate eyes during sports and many daily activities, including gazing at a computer screen. We feature a full selection of sports and specialty eyewear in our Raleigh eye care center, visit anytime to take a look!

Types of Specialty Eyewear

Tell us about your favorite activities and daily routine. Armed with this information, our Raleigh eye doctor will perform a personalized eye exam to determine the best type of eyeglasses or contact lenses for your needs. Specialized eyewear includes:

  • Shatterproof Trivex lenses for contact sports
  • Prescription goggles for crisp underwater vision
  • Safety glasses for construction work, yard work and operating power tools
  • Tinted lenses to enhance performance under all atmospheric conditions
  • Computer glasses to diminish eyestrain and block dangerous blue light rays
  • Driving glasses, with polarized lenses, to reduce glare and upgrade visual contrast
  • Eyewear for night use, with anti-reflective coatings

Fitting Specialty Eyewear

Your Raleigh eye exam for sports vision will evaluate visual acuity in addition to many significant visual skills. Our Raleigh eye doctor may include procedures to check your vision while you are in motion outdoors, and we may use computerized testing, with 3D imagery, to measure reaction time. Customized sports vision testing can benefit professional players and amateurs alike.

Work and Computer Glasses

Even if you’re not an outdoorsman or a fan of playing sports, there are many advantages to being fit with specialty eyewear in our Raleigh eye care clinic. Do you spend your free time reading, crafting or sewing? If so, we can recommend a pair of attractive single-vision eyeglasses to help you see better without developing a sore neck!

Nowadays, blue light is a danger to everyone who works or lives with computers or digital devices. These light rays can cause eyestrain and headaches, as well as increase your risk of many eye diseases that threaten healthy vision. The lenses of specialized computer glasses are constructed with materials that block blue light to keep your eyes safe. If you spend extensive time in front of a digital screen, ask our Raleigh eye doctor about these protective glasses and contact lenses.

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