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Disposable Contacts

We Have a Wide Selection in our Raleigh & Goldsboro Offices!

Many of our patients exclaim that their disposable contact lenses are the best vision correction they have ever worn! Disposable lenses are incredibly comfortable and convenient, and a range of types is now available. However, not all disposable contacts are suitable for every eye and vision condition. Our optometrist in Raleigh or Goldsboro will examine your eyes thoroughly to prescribe the perfect lenses for you. Types include:

Daily Disposables

These popular lenses are typically comfortable and effective from the moment you insert them into your eyes for the first time. Most costly than monthly and bi-weekly disposable contact lenses, they provide clear eyesight without the inconvenience of routine daily cleaning and storage. Before bedtime, simply take them out and discard! The next morning, you can insert a new, fresh pair. Everyone with a busy, active lifestyle will immediately appreciate the benefits of daily disposables.

In addition, there is never any build-up of protein or residue on your disposable contacts. The threat of eye infections from wearing contacts is virtually gone. Also, pollen and other airborne irritations do not build up on disposable lenses. Therefore, Raleigh and Goldsboro patients who suffer from allergies, seasonal or chronic, also enjoy less eye irritation.

Patients with glaucoma may benefit from wearing daily disposable lenses. It is recommended to insert glaucoma eye drops when contact lenses are not in your eye. After applying this medicine, wait at least five minutes before inserting your contact lenses. However, even with this wait-time, soft contact lenses may absorb some of the preservatives from the glaucoma eye drops. With daily disposables, you can avoid an unhealthy buildup of these preservatives in your contacts.

Monthly and Bi-Weekly Disposable Contact Lenses

Bi-weekly and monthly disposables demand more regular care than dailies. You will need to regularly disinfect and store them in the correct contact lens solutions. However, they are also the most economical choice. Less material is used to manufacture these contacts so the price is lower, and your supply of lenses will last longer than dailies. The option of wearing these lenses for an extended time without removing them (up to 30 days) is also possible. Yet this comes with a higher risk of eye infections.

Disposable Specialty Contacts

Recently, disposable contact lenses for presbyopia hit the market, and our eye doctors are pleased to prescribe them as a part of our eye care medical services. Bi-weekly and monthly types are usually most appropriate for presbyopia, yet some newer daily disposables are soon to be available too! Other specialty disposable contacts include colored contacts and tints to change or enhance your natural eye color.

If you’re interested in hearing more about disposable contact lenses and which type suits you best, please schedule an appointment with a Fox Eye Care Group optometrist in Raleigh or Goldsboro. To purchase disposable lenses with your up-to-date vision prescription, we welcome you to visit anytime!

  • Our Raleigh Contact Lens Center carries disposable multifocal lenses like Bausch & Lomb's Ultra for Presbyopia. Schedule a multifocal contact lens fitting.
  • Our Raleigh Contact Lens Center carries disposable contact lenses for Dry Eye patients. Try out Dailies AquaComfort Plus with MoistureSeal technology.