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Eye Exam Approaching? Here’s What You Need to Know

How can you make your next eye exam even more productive? In order for us to make sure your exam is beneficial and productive, there are several bits of information we will need from you.

Because eyes can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions, it's vital that you inform us of any recent changes you are aware of. What are some things we'd need to be informed of? Here are a few examples: pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even something which may seem trivial, like allergies. Have you been prescribed any medication? If so, we will need to know what you're taking, because this can also have an effect on your vision.

The more we are informed about your lifestyle, the better. For example, do you drink or smoke? In addition, we'll examine what you're actually using your eyes for. Are you at university and doing a lot of reading? Being aware of these details can really make it simpler for us to choose the best solution for your vision.

Because several eye diseases are hereditary, it's important that you tell us if any of your immediate relatives have any of them, especially macular degeneration or glaucoma. Being aware of the conditions you may be vulnerable to can make it simpler for us to look out for and keep track of any emerging signs or symptoms.

Warning signs include changes to your vision like seeing double, spots or flashing lights. If you begin to experience any of these, give us a call as soon as you're able to. With the information we have about your history, coupled with our expertise, we'll discover what's behind the symptom, and then recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. Another thing that will help us provide a thorough exam are your most recent pair of glasses. They give important information, even if you wear contact lenses. We look forward to seeing you, and helping you attain good vision.