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Focusing on Cataracts

In the United States, this month is Cataract Awareness Month. Have you been informed that cataracts are the main reason behind vision loss among those 55 and older? More so, more than half of all people aged 65 and older have some degree of cataract development.

So what exactly is a cataract? A cataract is a clouding of the eye's lens, which obstructs or alters the path of light into the eye. For most people, cataracts are a natural part of older age. Additional dangers for developing a cataract include harsh heat or ongoing exposure to the sun's UV rays, diabetes, obesity, family history, steroid use, cigarettes and various eye injuries.

In the early phases of cataract development, more efficient lighting and eyeglasses could be prescribed to lessen the vision issues you might experience. Eventually, though, cataract surgery may be required to fix your eyesight. But, it's comforting to know that more than 9 out of 10 people who have cataract surgery reacquire great vision.

If you are in your fifties and perceiving cloudy eyesight, book an appointment to discuss cataracts with your eye doctor. Cataracts are treatable, and we know you want to see well throughout your golden years.