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Presbyopia and Aging

Visit your Raleigh, NC Eye Doctor to Find Out About Treatment Options

Many adults eventually begin to experience presbyopia or a diminished ability to see things at a close range, as they get older. With the increasing worldwide population of older adults, a significant number of individuals are developing presbyopia, which is an unavoidable result of your aging eye.

Theories about the cause of presbyopia are that the human eye will sometimes thicken by the age of forty, making it harder for the eyes to focus on something, particularly something nearby. Sufferers often manage with the situation by holding a newspaper far away or standing at a distance from the object they want to focus on. Shifting from looking at far off things to closer ones is often tiring for people with presbyopia. This strain could worsen the situation by causing eye strain, fatigues or headaches.

The most popular corrections for presbyopia are bifocals or progressives (PALs). A bifocal lens has two prescriptions for vision, one is for seeing objects at a distance and the other part of the lens is for seeing things nearby. Progressive lenses work similarly to bifocals, however they provide a more gradual gradient between the two prescriptions and have no visible line between them. Users will more easily shift focus, as they could if they had normal sight. An alternative would be reading glasses which are usually worn just when needed as opposed to all day.

Presbyopes can also opt for multifocal contact lenses or monovision lens correction (in which one eye is prescribed a correction for distance vision and the other near vision) to deal with the vision impairment. It may take a few tries to figure out the optimal method and type of contact lenses due to the fact that different prescriptions can have an effect on your comfort or distance vision.

There are also surgical options available that may be worth discussing with your eye doctor. A significant number of patients find the most success by combining treatments for presbyopia. Also, since your eyesight will likely deteriorate as you age, you will probably need to continually adjust the strength of your prescription. The good news is, there is quite a bit of experimental treatment on the market currently to identify more effective treatments for presbyopia.

If you are starting to notice signs of presbyopia, schedule an appointment with your Raleigh, NC optometrist. A return to normal vision is only a quick call away!