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Why You Need to Book a Routine Eye Exam

When we have healthy eyes, we may miss the importance of a routine eye examination. Nevertheless, early diagnosis of eye disease is critical to keeping your eyes healthy. This can easily be done with a simple eye exam.

A significant number of optical problems are a-symptomatic. Consequently, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. Call to schedule a complete eye exam at our Winston Salem, NC office, with our experienced optometric team. Our Winston Salem practice employs the latest equipment to provide you with a complete eye exam.

Glaucoma affects more than three million Americans as the primary source of vision loss. Often called ''the sneak thief of sight'', glaucoma can impair vision absent of signs. Most adults in America fail to use corrective lenses and don't schedule regular eye exams, thus putting their eyes at substantial risk.

The problem is that most adults don't know that sight-stealing diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration often have no early symptoms and without a comprehensive exam are often diagnoses only after it's too late.

Regular eye examinations to check for eye disease should be on your to-do list. Make sure to schedule regular eye exams with your local eye doctor in order to keep up healthy eyes for years to come.