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Protective Glasses for Kids

Are you aware that annual statistics show that approximately 40,000 sports-related eye injuries are severe enough to require emergency room care? That's one eye accident every 13 minutes! Eye Care experts report that most of the accidents could be easily avoided by wearing proper eye protection. Most injuries happen when playing sports or during household chores. Children are especially prone to injuries involving eye damage, which frequently occur during sport activities.

If you have children who frequently engage in active sport, you should make certain they use protective glasses while on the court. Protective eyewear is made in a size-able selection of designs and shapes so encourage your child to select their favorite look to ensure they will use them.

In order to get a good fit and the correct amount of protection, ask a qualified eye care professional for recommendations. Our staff members can assist you in purchasing the right pair of glasses for your child, depending on your child's particular needs. If your child wears glasses, protective eyewear can be customized with prescription lenses from your eye care center. Ask about trivex or polycarbonate lenses for a child that plays rough sports. They are not only more shatter-proof, they are also lighter than plastic lenses, which offers greater comfort.

Be informed when it comes to purchasing safety eyewear. It's worth it when it comes to protecting your child's vision!