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Should You Purchase Your Eyeglasses on the Web?

Though many people have become accustomed to shopping for anything and everything through the Internet, eyeglasses are one product that should be carefully considered prior to clicking that buy button. Here's why. Even though online optical dealers often promote reduced prices, the benefits of choosing an optician far overshadow the ''deals'' you might get online.

One of the most important reasons for buying your glasses at an optical boutique is that you have an experienced optician to help you make your decision. Our staff can assist you with the many variables you need to consider in purchasing a eyeglasses. In instances where you order via the Web, you miss out on the specialized advice of an eye care expert.

As the shape of your head and eyes is unique, it is difficult to get the best fit for eyeglasses without trying them on. An optician will note your measurements and choose a pair of eyeglasses that fit you appropriately and won't cause discomfort. Glasses that are too narrow can cause pressure and headaches, while those that are too big can slip off your nose. Online optical boutiques may provide advice, still it is difficult to try and fit yourself.

Beyond the fit and feel of your eyeglasses, great eyesight demands accurate PD measurement. The optical center of your lenses gives you the clearest vision, so it's important to properly calculate the space between your pupils, or PD. It can be complicated to measure your own PD, but without this measurement, your lenses won't be positioned properly in the frames.

Yes, online buying can be good for other products, but with eyeglasses your best bet is sticking to your local optometry practice where you are able to get eye glasses that fit you and your lifestyle.