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Ways to Protect Against Dry Eyes This Cold Season

Even though it is common to think of winter as the wet time of year with all the rain and snow, the air is really a lot dryer during the winter, which can cause your eyes to become irritated more easily.

Our eye care team can assist you in choosing the most effective options to hydrate your eyes this winter. Even before you step outside you should help your eyes by using a humidifier. Optometrists advocate using humidifiers in rooms with forced air heating, which can decrease moisture from the environment.

Additionally, make sure to take additional precautions once you step outside to be exposed. Keep your eyes protected by dressing with a hat with a brim and wearing sunglasses. The point is to keep the swirling winds at a distance to keep them from drying out your eyes.

If your dry eyes are persistent you should think about rewetting drops which may help relieve the bothersome symptoms of dry eyes. Consult with your eye care professional prior to starting to use eye drops to make sure they are right for your condition.

Don't forget that if you wear contact lenses it's important to be extra cautious in the winter. When able, make use of rewetting drops as often as you can. Lenses are like sponges and need to remain wet to keep their shape. If they begin to dry out, the contacts can change form and cling to your eyes, causing pain and blurriness. So do your eyes a favor and keep them moisturized this winter. With a little awareness and planning, you can stay clear of the hazards of the cold, dry weather and keep your eyes clear and moisturized throughout the season!